Friday, 21 March 2014

A day in the city...

'Didn't we have a loverly time the day we went to Bangor...'

Yesterday morning at 6.30am a group of ladies from our quilting club headed off to the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show (with full shopping lists) for inspiration and escape.

I usually only attend the October show, but having taken on the role of events coordinator for our quilting club, it was essential that I be present! (Tough, eh)

 It is a much smaller show, but makes up 
for it with different stalls and layout and an extra bonus was being able to meet up with my very crafty sister and let her lead me astray!

The Queensland Quilters are celebrating their 30th birthday and showed off their challenge mini quilts. Challenges are sooooo fascinating once you have survived one!

I ticked off everything on my list and added a few frivolities as well.

All the ladies returned to the bus on time, rolls were checked and correct, lucky door prizes distributed and it was time to return. A bus load of tired and happy women.

And waking in the morning, I found that the camellias are starting to bloom.



  1. Sounds as if everyone had a great time, lovely lot of fabrics.

  2. Obviously a very well organised event... Sorry I missed it!

  3. Hello Christine,

    Oh I love your purchased fabric and buttons, which are so pretty. Love that pink bloom.

    Happy days.

  4. I was there that day too with Ros (aka Fangirl) So.. did you not see me in the crowd or... are you getting better at hiding from me. Glad I found your blog... let the stalking begin :)