Friday, 30 January 2015

OPAM January

'Today is the perfect day for a perfect day'  
from a mug by Philosophy Artique

For OPAM my secret, no peeking, Valentine swap is finished and waiting to be posted and with the 3 coasters and the table runner I finished for 'a lovely year of finishes' I have 5 completed projects!!!!! Thank you Kris and Sweet Peg for running this again in 2015.

Much of my month has been typing and I was able to add another pattern to my Craftsy shop yesterday. This one hangs in my sewing room and it was born when I was teaching a 'learn to embroider and quilt' class at a local craft group (sometimes it really IS a case of the blind leading the blind!) 
It's listed at US$6 which the exchange rate converts to AU$7.63 (today) Forgive me for sounding like an ad!

Today the op shop called to me with a pretty blue and mauve theme. The wardrobe was thrilled to see my finds this visit. My old black comfortable, 'I can't throw them out', shoes have been a source of embarrassment for a few years so these new, in a similar style, will be a perfect replacement. We are lucky enough, for anyone who is thinking 'eeeww, smelly second hand shoes', that the local shoe shops send their end of season stock to the various op shops, although my own luck is limited as size 10 seems to be one of the best sellers. 

Oh for a delicate foot!

 My most loved and mended blue and white skirt which I have had for 7 or 8 years is once again in the mending basket, but as the last 2 mends have been fabric deterioration, perhaps this lovely one (in size 16! - even slightly loose!) is a message that it is time to let go..checking first in case bits of it are good for patchwork. Does anyone else have trouble replacing their old clothing friends with new unknowns? 

As usual I was able to indulge my love for books and china (thank goodness I did so much decluttering last year - so much space to refill!) Mostly magazines full of projects I'll never have time to make but a sweet little copy 'The Shoemaker's Holiday' is now snuggling nicely with other blue books - which I do actually read. (...okay, maybe not the shorthand book, but it's secret language intrigues me.)

A useful tray and a very pretty plate,
and this wonderful mug designed just for me!

 Now, when dressing with coffee in hand, I'll have to think twice before putting my cranky pants on!

Off out again, Secret Valentine parcel to be posted, so to everyone, 
have a perfect day.


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  1. Lovely post... Such a sweet hanging and of course I am in love with the books and pretty China.