Thursday, 22 January 2015


"Weaving spiders, come not here; 
Hence, you long-legg'd spinners, hence! 
Beetles black approach not near; 
Worm nor snail, do no offence." 
William Shakespeare

This week seems to have had a theme of red.

 I found all these lovely red items at my op shop trip. 

Red paisley bag, red silk tie with peacocks, red(ish) flowers on a  blouse and this little lonely teddy with his red tie who I just had to adopt. Poor teddy, I think he must have been the much loved and only friend of a very incontinent child 40 or more years ago and has been soaking in a warm bubbly bath before he goes to live with my other orphans.

 It is the colour I see before my eyes every time my less than one year old computer decides to turn itself off or make the screen go grey and wibbly (would you believe it happened again as soon as I typed that sentence! Thank goodness for autosave) 

Again, I apologise for not visiting around as much as usual. It seems to be blogger that upsets it most!

It is the colour of the gorgeously scented roses in my garden, a glorious rose bush from the original owners, 
possibly Papa Meilland?

It is my Valentine swap partners favourite sneaky peeks.

It is therefore the colour of the fabrics I was fossicking for in my sewing basket when I found this: (prompting the immediate purchase of 6 pest bombs to let off in the house.)



It was also the colour my face was when I moved our fridge (a herculean task) to turn it off for aforementioned pest bombs. 
oops - a lot of fluff, a mate of the sewing basket dweller and a school note from... ummm 2008.

Fortunately I love red...but not spiders.

Meanwhile we have been loving our new lounges and have become slothful creatures. Teddy the cat in particular approves!

...and Tibby is happy to keep a seat warm too.



  1. I love your thrift finds--I always say that 'pink' is my favorite color--but yet it is red that often grabs my attentions first!!
    and yes you can keep the spiders all to yourself!!!
    I think I feel like I could join those kittens right about now!!
    smiles, diandmissgracie

  2. love your scented red roses..... don't love your spider at all..... love your snuggled cats -

  3. your spider treasures remind me of when Joergen lived with us He was phobic about spiders. We told him it was fine - we don't get that many etc and then found that the chair he was sitting on on the patio had several red backs under it... including a large one. Oops. Only moments before we'd been talking to him about The huntsmen in the house that frightened him but we told him they weren't poisonous or aggressive ... it was the red backs etc that were more dangerous and poisonous